Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Tuna Nicoise Salad

We have been picking the first of the beans! French beans are the number one veg to grow at home, in my opinion; they're easy, prolific, versatile and scrumptious! I love Delinel - they're a teeny bit hairy on the outside but the flavour is just delightful. I am only growing a few this year; neglect of the plot last year meant they got completely drowned by weeds and the beans mostly went to waste, so this year it's an easy-to-manage trough in the home garden, and I'm kicking myself for growing too few...

One of the plants keeps growing beans like this! How funny!

The night before our move, we enjoyed the first of our beans in a tuna nicoise salad - with the first of our crisphead lettuces too, which was sweet and crunchy and delicious.

I love this salad - so many glorious complementary flavours. Just dress some salad leaves with a little oil and vinegar and a touch of garlic and mustard, and add some sliced onion, plenty of cooked green beans, boiled new potatoes, black olives and a hard boiled egg or two. Top with tuna - grilled steak would be perfect but we used canned. It's a fab summer supper!

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Sue Garrett said...

We grow Delinel too and another couple of varieties that give us purple and yellow beans.

Just think added colour to your salads!

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