Tuesday, 6 July 2010


Allotments have one major disadvantage, I think. With so many yummy veg growing in one place for such a long time, and with so many gardeners trundling along the same footpaths and dipping their watering cans in the same water tanks, they can be a haven for pests and diseases. If I had grown these scrummy sugarsnap peas on the allotment, they'd be rife with pea-moth caterpillars. But growing them at home, not a single one is damaged. Hurrah!

Of course, there is still one major pest to contend with; I evicted a whole family of snails from under my plants while I was harvesting these.

I have perhaps let them get a bit over-developed before picking; life is hectic at the moment and I can't keep up! But despite a few stringy bits they were delicious, and we ate them in this; another lovely summery couscous recipe.

Herb-crusted Salmon on Vegetable Couscous
(serves two)
  • Whizz together two slices of bread, lemon zest and a little juice, fresh parsley, chives and tarragon, and seasoning.
  • Spread this crumbly topping generously over two salmon fillets, and bake at 180C for around 20 minutes.
  • Pan-fry diced courgette and sugarsnap peas in a little oil with a glug of lemon juice. When softening round the edges but still al dente, add 100g couscous, some more lemon juice, a knob of butter, and boiling water. Cover and let the couscous do its thing.
  • Serve the salmon on top of the vegetable couscous. Garnish with finely chopped sugarsnaps!


Robert said...

After several dreadful summers, I'm not having the normal pea moth problems at all. Doubtless they'll be back!

Jo said...

I grow my peas under netting, those pea moth caterpillars turn my stomach and would turn me off the peas if I saw them.

Green Lane Allotments said...

It's the same problem with blight on tomatoes last year. None in the home greenhouse but plot greenhouse suffered

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