Thursday, 1 July 2010

Fight Against Blight

My allotment association has just alerted me to Blightwatch - a free service from the Potato Council that sends you an email or SMS whenever 'Smith Period' (the humid conditions which encourage blight spores to germinate) hits your postcode area, so that you can take the necessary precautions. Sounds like a great idea to me! Now I shall have a milk spray ready whenever conditions are right. I'm getting some Nome-grown tomatoes this year, dammit!

June is St Albans Festival time, when there's a big focus on community events, theatre, music, outdoor concerts and all kinds of stuff; and my favourite festival event was last night in St Michael's village, just a few minutes walk from our house. They close the road for the evening, the pubs (there are lots of pubs) spill out into the street, there are several barbecues to choose from, folk dance groups perform in the street until dark, local bands play in the pubs until closing time, and a lot of ale and cider - and fun - is had by all.

We enjoyed such silliness as this:

and this:

and lots and lots of this:

It wasn't all English traditional stuff though; the local Flamenco group got a look in too:

And this Cuban-style covers band pulled the biggest crowd!

It's a bit of a local secret, but I'm glad it's not more popular - I don't think the tiny street could take many more people!


Sue Garrett said...

One good thing about no rain - hopefully blight won't be such a problem.

Jo said...

That looks like a lovely event, it's nice that traditions are continued. You had good weather for it too.

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