Sunday, 13 June 2010

Out, Damn Slugs!

So how many slugs and snails do you suppose I caught in my three beer traps last night?

Not a one. What, Punk IPA not good enough?

They're really giving me trouble now, in the garden and on the allotment. Look what I found on a plot-visit a few days ago, with the culprit still lazing there under a leaf:

That's 8 to 10 less squash dinners for us - the plant was completely felled.

And today I found this pile of snail eggs while weeding the potatoes. I wonder how many more such piles are lurking that I haven't found...

So tonight after coming home from the pub, we searched the garden with a torch and harvested this little bounty:

I'm never quite sure quite what to do with them once I've got them rounded up like this. This lot met their end down a street drain round the corner from my house.

We really need to find a chance to do this at the allotment as well - although we'll need a bigger torch. And a bigger bucket!

And on the subject of pests, the asparagus beetles still haven't given up. At least these two died happy...


Green Lane Allotments said...

I'm afraid that however many of the slimy devils you catch there will still be more to take their place.

We have loads of frogs and toad on our allotment which I think helps.

Nome said...

We have loads of frogs too - and mice and hedgehogs and birds aplenty - but it's never enough!

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