Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Lettuce and Radishes

As I've said, the lettuce is really going for it now, and I've eaten fresh salad from the garden or allotment every day for the last week or so. And a new addition to the salad bowl for us are these gorgeous 'Scarlet Globe' radishes. Aren't they quick and easy to grow!

But although I love the texture and the crunch, they're a little too hot for me. I'm not a fan of spice, and prefer flavour over heat, so I think I'll have to experiment with some different varieties. Can anyone recommend a radish that has great flavour without being too hot?


Amy said...

I know what you mean about liking mild radishes; I almost lost my head on a particulary firey one yesterday.

This year I'm finishing up a packet of Cherry Belle and they are turning out to be very mild but I'm not sure if they have the best flavour.

Next year I'm going to try some varieties from Real Seeds, they have a mild tricolour radish from Japan which looks amazing.

allot of veg said...


I think the amount of water the radish get affect the heat in them. Grown quickly on a day like to day they are usually milder.
I grow French Breakfast.


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