Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Note to Self

Note to self: Just because there are 1500 lettuce seeds in a pack, doesn't mean you have to grow 1500 lettuces.

You don't eat that much lettuce. You just don't.

No. You won't.

These are the little gems growing on the allotment. There are more in the home garden. Many, many more. So far, one bagful has gone to waste, and several bagfuls have gone to friends and family. Thank goodness for friends and family!

But I just haven't been able to use them fast enough, and now some of the most cramped ones are starting to get some mildewy-looking disease. Doh. Station-sowing next year and no excuses.


dee said...

No point in asking if you would like some of mine Lol

Green Lane Allotments said...

Can you rent a market stall selling lettuce!

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