Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Planting Out in the Home Garden

Did everyone have a good bank holiday weekend? A nasty cold kept me home, but I did get a few things done in the garden.

The tomatoes are finally starting to make an effort now, and I was all ready to plant them in their growbags, until I remembered you're supposed to wait until the first flowers open. No buds yet, so they will stay in their pots a while longer.

My rocket, mustard and cress shot to seed during the hot spell a couple of weeks ago - I'd only had two or three harvests from them! So I sowed some more, along with some mizuna too. This time I used one of those self-watering window boxes - perhaps it'll make my new crop less likely to dry out and bolt.

In the background of the photo above you can see the little gem lettuce coming on really nicely!

I planted out the peppers - three in a big pot, and potted the chillies on as well.

And I sowed some more french beans ('Delinel') since only about half germinated first time. The ones that did are looking good now and are about to produce buds, I think!

For the record, except for a couple of nights in mid-May when frosts were forecast, all these plants have been outside for weeks and weeks now, under the cover of my plastic greenhouse, although the greenhouse door has been left open since around 20th May.

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