Thursday, 6 May 2010

The weeding begins...

The hail and freezing rain showers have eased off again, and we've managed to get some good weeding done over the last couple of days. Yesterday I weeded and earthed-up the potatoes (a tricky task in such small beds), and Eddie made a good start on the onions and carrots.

That onion/carrot/parsnip bed is a nightmare - there are loads of potatoes popping up! And there was me thinking last year's potato harvest was a disaster - looks like we just couldn't find them! But it's good to see, under all the weeds, that the carrot seedlings and the parsnip seedlings are coming up nicely.

Today I dug over another of the flower-beds too. This is where we planted the volunteer hazelnut tree last month, which is doing well, and I have planted some borage seedlings here too. I think I will seed the rest with poached-egg plant and marigolds, and plant out another bee-balm.

Gosh; look how weedy the raspberries are already, on the right! Must turn my attention there soon... I am painfully aware that this is just the very beginning of the weeding season...

The 'red spur' apple tree is in full blossom now, and it's gorgeous:

Makes me wonder if there's something wrong with this one; 'gold spur':

Remember my wasp trouble last week? I have removed a new wasp nest almost every day since - she just wouldn't give up. But today I finally caught and killed the wasp. I felt pretty bad about it, actually, but sometimes it's us or them, right?

Anyway, it allowed me to finish giving the bench a clear-out and tidy. We have no shed so this is where we keep everything. Trouble is, 'ventilated' also means 'damp' and 'lets all the bugs in', so we recently bought a couple of plastic boxes to make our lives easier. A big one for the trowels, other hand tools, gloves, string and other gardening essentials; and a small one for tissues, sun cream, wet wipes and plasters. No more will spiders nest in my tissue box! No more will ants infest my favourite gloves!


Amy said...

Each time I got to my allotment I get scared to death by the amount of weeds! I wonder if that ever stops?

Well done for having the guts to kill that wasp! Slightly sad but really don't think you want a wasp nest there all summer.

marigold said...

I'm sure that one day we'll all find our Buddha like natures, where we'll find calm and contentment in doing the actual job of weeding. ;-)

*double-crosses fingers*

dee said...

I have a love hate relationship with my raspberry bed.. I'm still trying to find a way of keeping the weeds down to a minimum... Mulching isn't working for me.. tsk. They seem to attract weeds/grass.
Your plots looking good *smiles*

Sue Garrett said...

Weeds are natures way of saying this is mine - we will never totally win but if soil grows weeds it's a sign that it is fertile!

Simon said...

Good to see you've kept going! Thanks for linking to my blog, i've added you

Nome said...

Thanks Simon! :)

Amy - no, I don't think it will ever stop! But hopefully if we keep weeding, they'll get fewer and fewer with time. That's what I keep telling myself anyway!

Marigold - Actually, Eddie does find calm and contentment weeding! He likes to 'tidy things up' - just a touch of OCD I think! Me? No way. Although if only life weren't so busy with other things maybe I could relax and enjoy it a little... Blame life, that's what I say.

Dee - Thanks :) I think I might actually get it under control this year. It's a good feeling!

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