Monday, 3 May 2010

Rained off. Potted on.

Activity on the allotment was rained off (well, hailed off) today despite my best intentions. Instead I stayed in the relative safety of my garden and potted on some tomatoes and Jalapeno peppers, from the tiny cells they started in into larger pots. It's probably long overdue. I hate potting on - it's so fiddly.

Four Gardener's Delight, two Moneymaker, two Red Cherry, one Sub-Arctic Plenty and two Jalapeno. There are more plants still in their original cells, but I won't have space for more than this. I will try to find new homes for the leftovers!

I was pleased today to see action from the Butternut squash seeds at last, and the King of the North peppers are popping up finally too. Hurrah!

And I thinned the rocket, mustard and cress which was sown outdoors on 23rd March - some 6 or 7 weeks ago. We ate it in this funky little salad with our lasagne tonight, with some slivers of red spring onions I sowed last year in a pot and forgot about, a few sweet little (supermarket) tomatoes, and a drizzle of balsamic vinegar. Fabulous.

One of the reasons I nearly gave the allotment up last year was because I was so rubbish at actually eating what I'd grown. So much was just going to waste! But this year, I'm challenging myself to eat Nomegrown produce as often as possible, and I'll be recording that here too. Maybe if I focus more on what I get out of the allotment, I won't lose enthusiasm so readily for what I need to put in!


Amy said...

I used to be the same, somehow I didn't want to pick and eat anything just in case it got bigger, riper, just better I guess. Last year I was better at picking and eating things but I think there is still room for improvement. I'm planning more successional growing this year, maybe if I know I have a replacement plant I'll be more likely to eat things to make room? We'll see anyway.

Green Lane Allotments said...

Not much rainhere yet but it is just so cold!

dee said...

I've had the same problem of wasting quite a bit of what I've grown...This year I'm going to try being more organised and less wasteful with freezing veg and making meals for the freezer though that means putting time aside for batch cooking/blanching something I'm not good at..Soup for the freezer has been my limit so far.

Mark said...

Making sure you use everything means planning ahead and re-training yourself to just using seasonal veg. Not always easy if you have a large glut of courgettes!

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