Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Back online!

Remember what it was like before we had the internet? How we used to sit down at a set time to watch the news and weather? When we had to walk into town to check our bank accounts? When we referred to heavy dictionaries and encylopedias or went to the library to find things out? When mail order meant filling in a paper form, writing a cheque and buying a stamp? It's insane how much we rely on it now! Writing blogs, reading blogs, buying things, online banking, checking weather and news reports, checking emails, doing business, buying more things, sending things back, and looking up information of all kinds. How do I get a tick off the cat? Why are my shallot leaves turning yellow? (Really - why?) Who's that bloke in that film? How do I prepare monkfish? Where are the seeds in a pineapple? If it doesn't have seeds it isn't a fruit so what is it? You know the sort of thing.

We've had no internet connection - and not a lot of TV signal - since my last post nearly a week ago and BOY, life has been strange. (I'm not really sure why it's back right now in fact, since the engineer is supposed to be coming to fix it tomorrow...)

Doesn't mean we haven't been busy on the plot though, despite scorching temperatures (can you believe those nasty frosts were less than two weeks ago??) - and even though we probably spent as long standing in the shade of the nearest tree sipping cider as we did working. Lots has gone on and I promise I'll post a proper update Thursday night if not tomorrow. Expect a long one!

And look up the pineapple thing. I thought it was pretty interesting.


Amy said...

Welcome back! Isn't it scary how much the internet has become part of our lives? I really don't think I'd survive a month without it.

So nice to have some decent weather at long last. It has really got everything growing, including the weeds!

Robert said...

I'd rather read a massive paper book than the on-disk version any day! But that being said, it leaves me climbing the wall every time I have problems with my internet access.

Welcome back!

Green Lane Allotments said...

Withdrawal symptoms?

Nome said...

GLA - the insanity is mild and temporary :)

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