Friday, 25 April 2008

Tagged. And some other stuff.

Hang on, I've been tagged by two different bloggers with two different sets of questions. (Paul and Melanie at Growing Our Own and Simon at The Plot Thickens.) What do I do now?? I don't even usually play these games, but I'm a little tipsy having finished a long hard day's work at 11pm and then fallen into a very large glass of wine, and tonight it sounds like fun. There seems to me to be only one answer; combine both little games into one great SUPERTAG game and continue as usual...

The Rules:
  • Link to the person who tagged you.
  • Post the rules on your blog.
  • Write six random things about yourself. And answer the questions below.
  • Tag six people at the end of your post linking to their blog.
  • Let each person know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.
  • Let the tagger know when your entry is up.

Six things about me:

  • The nickname Nome (started by my Dad when I was too little to fight back, I'm sure) has followed me without my encouragement to every group of friends and every job I have ever had. I never introduce myself as such, and somehow people just pick it up! (Could be worse; Dad also used to call me Splodge...) My real name (though I'm not really used to hearing it) is Naomi. (Is Nome a bad nickname for a young woman to have? I can never quite decide... If anyone spells it with a G, then there's trouble...)
  • One day I will write a blockbuster movie! Or a blockbuster novel. Or both.
  • Watermelon is my new favourite fruit.
  • I love videogames, when I get time inbetween working stupid hours, writing and gardening.
  • I am a qualified pyrotechnician! I never really put it into practice though.
  • My favourite spot is on the shore of Crummock Water in the Lake District. It's so beautiful and peaceful and perfect.

What Was I Doing 10 Years Ago?
Preparing for A-levels. Ugh. Can we stop there? I loathed school.
Oh, and I was also just starting to find my brother's mate Eddie pretty cute!

My To Do List for Today/Diary of What I Actually Did
Very boring I'm afraid. Got up, surfed the net a little, worked my butt off. Tomorrow is pretty much the same, although I don't start 'til two so I'll probably lie in a bit (or a lot) and see if I can find any small non-messy jobs to do at the plot before I go in.

Snacks I Enjoy
If it's bad for me, I probably like it. Top of the list must be chocolate cornflake cakes, but any chocolate bar will do, and chocolate 'Frijj' milkshakes and Coca Cola feature pretty heavily too. Actually, my most regular snack is hot chocolate and white toast with marmite. In the mornings this is called breakfast, but it can also be lunch and is sometimes eaten as a snack late night or, well, anytime really.

Things I Would Do If I Were A Billionaire
I'd have to be very unoriginal and say buy a house with a load of land. Actually, my dream is to buy a load of land, then build the house. Out of straw. I've designed it already - it's all planned out. All I need is the ground to put it on. And ground is far too damn expensive.
Then I'd look after the family too, and give the rest to the people who really need it. No-one deserves bilions of pounds when so many people have nothing at all.

Three of My Bad Habits
1) Spending far too much time on the internet, learning about doing things, talking about doing things or telling others how to do things, rather than actually doing things. Yahoo Answers is my particular weakness at the moment!
2) You read the snacks question right?
3) I almost never tidy up after myself. I don't know how Eddie puts up with me!

Five Places I Have Lived

I've lived in St Albans all my life, and I pretty much believe in staying where I've been put. It's a lovely historical market-town with a beautiful Abbey and park, Roman ruins, lots of trees and historic buildings, and more pubs per square mile than anywhere else! I have actually lived at five addresses here; one town centre Victorian semi with an attic and cellar which were always dead exciting to me as a child, one huge extended sixties-built family home in the posh part on the edge of town (where my parents and brother and sister still live), one modern but gorgeous flat two minutes down the road from them, one modern but scummy flat two doors down from that (!) and now a teeny tiny Victorian cottage (in the town centre again, virtually in the shadow of the cathedral) on a teeny tiny road that was surely only ever meant for horses, with a bathroom and kitchen that I'm sure must have only been built on the back a few years ago, and a toilet cistern still evident in one of the teeny tiny sheds!

Five Jobs I Have Had

1) Various office posts with a temping agency, mostly involving filing and photocopying.
2) Casual work as a theatre technician, getting trained on the job in lighting, sound, stage set-ups, film projection, and general dogsbodying.
3) Drama technician at a school in the middle of building a theatre and applying for special 'Arts College' status. Within a couple of years I was theatre manager and the sole member of staff at the theatre - eek! I booked the shows singlehandedly, I advertised them singlehandedly, I sold the tickets singlehandedly, I ran the cafe singlehandedly, I did the techie stuff almost singlehandedly (lots of willing students in that area at least) and it wasn't long before I'd had enough.
4) Deputy Technical Manager at our local theatre (same place as number 2) - a mid-sized touring house that shows a variety of ageing rock-and-rollers, tribute bands, mainstream comedians, dodgy touring theatre, local exhibitions and movies. It has more downs than ups, in my opinion, but I get to meet more than my fair share of minor celebrities and the hours really suit me as I hate routine. No week is ever the same as the last, and I often work three or four ultra-long days and get a four- or three-day weekend. Whoooop!
Hang on; no five... Umm...
5) Assistant Stage Manager for one month (unpaid) at The Gate Theatre in Notting Hill. And some freelance lighting-design and mask-making jobs.


I'll tag
Grumpy Old Teacher (not a gardening blog but he's me Dad!)
Little Gem
and Lilymarlene

Yesterday we spent a couple more hours at the plot, sieving ten buckets of compost onto the new brassica bed (very tedious) and sowing swedes. We really need to empty that compost bin to make room for another year's weeds, so there's lots more sieving to be done in the next few weeks...

As I write this, the 'Wautoma' cucumber seeds are already sprouting! After just four days! I have a good feeling they're going to live up to the recommendations... The courgettes have buds already and the peppers and aubergines are doing really well too. Why is it the tender stuff is all dying to get onto the plot already but the hardy brassicas are being soooo slow??

one row swede 'Angela' (a pinch of seeds every six inches)


Hedgewizard said...

Most kind. I love memes (although I can never eat a whole one), but - oh! - the time... I'll tell you what; I'm awarding myself an actual day off in a week and a bit, and I'll do the meme then. Deal? In the meantime, I shall add you to my blogroll. Can't think why I haven't done it already.

lilymarlene said...

Thanks for the compliment Nome......but I have done so many of these I don't know what to say that's fresh. Thanks again!

Love reading your blog...

dee said...

Thanks for thinking of me nome . Im not really into memes though so ill give it a miss. Thanks again..
You have been busy at your plot,puts me to shame :)

Simon Kirby said...

Hi Nome. Writing a novel's a good one - is that right that everyone has one good novel in them. I'd like to do that too. Must say though, I thought you were a bloke.

Is this thing a meme? I didn't know; I've no time for Richard Dawkins.


Nome said...

Haha! Sorry Simon. Is that cause it's always Eddie that gets in the pictures?

Dee and Lilymarlene - not to worry : )

marigold said...

Mine's up. Thanks for including me. I love the picture of the cat in this post, by the way.

Soilman said...

What an EXCELLENT pussycat...!

Paul and Melanie said...

lol what a cool cat pic! :)
A good read too, glad to find a fellow video gaming gardner too, thought I was the only one!

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