Monday, 31 March 2008


We didn't visit the plot today, as predicted, but I thought I'd take the opportunity to introduce you to Hastings, who is rapidly becoming our 'allotment cat'. (Hastings is the name on his collar, though of course it could just be who insures him - who knows?!)

I've no idea who he really belongs to, of course, but he loves to play on the allotment site and we see him there more and more lately. He has lost his tail in an accident in the not-too-distant past, but it doesn't make him any less fearless, curious or affectionate. He runs over for a cuddle when he sees us and spends hours at a time just hanging around nearby watching us, nosing around in whatever we're trying to dig, plant or build, rubbing against our legs whether we're watering, raking or hoeing (actually, I'm beginning to see why he lost his tail!) and generally getting underfoot!

He's so cute and lovely! We're both softies for cats, so not a lot else gets done when he wants attention, but even when he doesn't it's really nice just to see him lying around, enjoying the place as much as we do!


Simon Kirby said...

He's a beautiful cat, and friendly too. We have a couple of tabbies that skank about our site but they're not keen to make friends. Mind, my dogs haven't made them that welcome.


Pepette said...

He looks gorgeous! We have quite a lot of strays on our plot that an old lady feeds everyday but they are really shy and apart from her, don't let anyone come close!

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