Monday, 17 March 2008

Some Serious Chitting Action!

You may recall my seed potatoes arrived recently; frighteningly late. Turns out there was nothing to worry about; in just ten days, they have produced such beautiful chits that I can now join in with pictures like this:

I'm hoping to plant them on Wednesday, my day off, since the long-term forecast for the Easter weekend is dreadful.

I've been busy in the home garden in the rain: here is my new climbing rosebush, settling in nicely...

And my newly planted blackcurrant, putting on some incredibly fast growth.

The container herb garden has begun too.

I bought rosemary and thyme plants from Wilkinsons, since they grow so slowly and I can't even get any rosemary seeds to germinate. In the plastic rings (for early protection) I've sown curly parsley, sage, oregano, french parsley, garlic chives, tarragon and chives, and I've left some space down the front for basil and coriander later in the season. I've also sown a trayful of sage for the allotment (40 plugs!) as a companion plant for the brassicas. Ooh, and I bought some tiny mint plants (can't seem to germinate mint seeds either) which I'll keep in containers to, well, contain them!

1 comment:

Paul and Melanie said...

Those spuds look great as does your herb tub!
We've got a rose on our plot left by the previous tennant so we're hoping we'll get a nice display this year. :)

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