Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Wild Food Night - July

Late again! July's Wild Food Night was... well, back in July - two weeks ago now. But it's time to catch up.

Canape thingies: Blackberry cordial, light and crunchy crayfish tempura with a syrupy chilli jam, and sweet and creamy fat hen pesto. Interesting... Fat hen is THE most troublesome weed on our allotment. I feel our relationship could be about to change...

Starter: Hare pate - rich and delicious - and crayfish cocktail. With some freshly picked summer leaves, of course.

Main course: Pigeon en-croute (wrapped in pastry), with horseradish potatoes, cauliflower puree and a 'ratatouille' made with yellow courgettes. I gotta say, I wasn't too keen on the pigeon, although I did like the 'woodpigeon mousse' canape a month back. It was rather tough and had an unusual flavour - my friends informed me it had some similarities to liver, which I remember hating as a child and haven't touched since. However, the vegetable sides with this dish were lovely! The horseradish potatoes were creamy with good horseradish flavour and not too much heat, and the ratatouille was bursting with the flavours of summer!

Dessert: Wild plum crumble, and matching ice cream! I'm afraid I'm not a big crumble fan - sorry, Mr Bumpkin - but I did enjoy the yogurty plum ice cream. I don't think I knew there were edible wild plums - I'll have to look them up, and check the local hedgerows!

Sadly I don't think we can attend August's wild food night - I'll have to get someone else to let me know what was on offer. Perhaps a guest post is in order...

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