Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Eight Reasons I Love My Angelle Tomatoes

1. The seeds were free, saved from supermarket tomatoes last year. Saving tomato seeds is easy - give it a try!

2. They're the number one absolute tastiest tomatoes I've ever, ever eaten.

3. They're SO productive. Check out the size of these incredible multi-branched trusses!


4. They don't mind that I'm growing them six-to-a-growbag instead of the recommended three.

5. Despite having spent two months right next to a tomato plant struggling with blight, they're staunchly resisting the disease.

6. Five metres from plant to plate. Yeah, baby.

7. Eating produce within a short time after picking means more nutritional content, and packed with vitamin C, vitamin A, calcium and the powerful antioxidant lycopene, tomatoes are great for my bones, kidneys, skin, hair, eyes, immune system, and can help defend against cancer, high cholesterol and heart disease.

8. These go for £1.99 for 250g in the shops!!

In other tomato news, I've had the first fruit from my Sub-Arctic Plenty plant. Like last year, the plant doesn't look happy at all, with curled, bluish leaves, but the fruit is fabulous and there are plenty more where it came from.

There is one small problem I'm having with the Angelle - a few are starting to split.

This is my fault - caused by irregular watering. I have to remember that I need to water them even when it pours with rain, since the rain can't get into the growbags! This is an issue with the cucumbers too, which can get bitter with uneven watering. I was heartbroken when I tasted the first two weeks ago and couldn't eat it for bitterness, but with a bit more care the bitterness is fading and I can now enjoy them!


Sue@G.L. Allotments said...

Glad you have sorted out your cucumbers

Anonymous said...

I bought a punnet of Angelle from a supermarket earlier this year and thought they were surprisingly tasty for something not home grown. So I sowed some of the seeds. The young plants are looking pretty healthy in the greenhouse. It's encouraging to hear that yours did so well. Here's hoping for similar results.

Unknown said...

I've done exactly the same in regards to seeds which I collected from supermarket bought tomatoes now are growing in a green house vigorously with trusses of 60 to 70 flowers and some with at least 30 formed tomates I am very anxious to taste the first ripe ones in a few weeks. .

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