Friday, 8 July 2011

Taking Foraging to a Whole New Level

What's this I spied coming up through a hole in the pavement outside our local off-license? Is it...? No, it couldn't be... It is!

It looks like a pumpkin plant. It grows like a pumpkin plant. It even smells like a pumpkin plant.

The only thing not quite right are the flower buds - they look sort of spidery... Perhaps some other sort of squash.

But how... HOW???... did such a tender and nutrient-hungry plant end up growing here of all places? A spot of guerilla gardening perhaps? Someone's being very optimistic if they think it's going to last that long! However, I shall be keeping an eye on it just in case...


surburban veg gardener said...

Butternut squash maybe? Plants can be so determined sometimes - though usually the ones you don't actually want. Maybe this is the beginning of self-sufficient St Albans? What's next, I wonder - Peas in the park? Courgettes at the cathedral? Something beginning with H at the hypocaust?

Martin and Amy said...


When I saw this post in my reading list on the dashboard and it looked like a picture of the pavement accompanying the opening sentences, I was really intrigued.

Would love to see the picture of an Atlantic Giant growing on a public pavement.

Well spotted!

Martin :0)

Sue@G.L. Allotments said...

Intriguing - keep us posted.

Nome said...

Walked past this again this afternoon and it's gone already! Booooo!

My sister said the shopkeeper probably didn't like the way it attracted weirdos with cameras. Hmph.

Suburban Veg Gardener: Nice to see a local popping by - thanks :)

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