Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Up From the Grave

The 'Everlasting Cauliflower' I thought was dead has sent up two new shoots from the base!

It even looks like it's getting ready to make new heads.

Trouble is, what do I do about the nasty hollow stem? Will it rot if it gets full of rain? Will it harbour creepy crawlies? Should I block it up with something? Chop it off just above the new shoots?

We got a few jobs out of the way on the plot this weekend, although there's still a lot of digging to catch up on.

We earthed up the potatoes.

We weeded the broad beans. There, you can see what I mean about the righthand 'Bunyard's Exhibition' doing so much better than the lefthand 'Aquadulce' now. The string was originally there to stop pigeons nibbling the young shoots, but now it's providing a bit of support against the wind!

And we planted out the chard and some sorrel (foreground) in the little border by the salad beds. Ooh, and I pulled up all the bolted spinach from the salad bed and planted some perpetual spinach in its place.

Going to plant out the cucumbers today, and sow some marigolds and nasturtiums. I usually just let them self-seed, but I don't see any popping up this year and I can't have an allotment without marigolds and nasturtiums!

And I'm a sucker for a 3 for 2 deal!


Sue@Green Lane Allotments said...

Maybe the nasturtiums are waiting for a bit more rain as it is unusal not to have them self seed - once planted you never seem to be able to get rid of them - they could have featured in my weed posting.

As for the stem I'd chop it down but will it be hollow down at the base I wonder?

allot of veg said...

Those flowers are on the list at my plot too. No nasturtiums here yet either, Sue is probably right about rain.
Your plot is looking very neat I quite fancy the everlasting cauli might try that next year.

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