Friday, 27 May 2011


Yesterday afternoon we had our first decent downpour for months.

Boy, did it rain! There was even some thunder.

I had a little dig in a bare bit of flowerbed and it seems to have soaked several inches of soil, which is reeeeally good news for the allotment. I wonder if it was enough to refill our poor dry pond... unlikely I suppose, but it will have done some good. I'll find out later today.

Look what else I caught on camera from my window yesterday!

This fox hangs around our garden quite a lot, often in broad daylight - sometimes he brings the family too - but it's always hard to get a good picture. I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with them; it's always fun and interesting to get close to wildlife, but I've caught them chasing the cat several times, and even fighting the cat next door! Not an idea I'm comfortable with!


Sue@Green Lane Allotments said...

Oh for soil soaked down several inches!

Martin and Amy said...

Wow! I think foxes are georgeous animals but they can keep well clear of our garden and eglus!!

Martin :0)

Hapless kitchen gardener said...

I could do with a fox if that's the effect it has on the cats! Great pic

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