Friday, 16 May 2008

So little time...

There's so much to do on the plot and in the garden at the moment I just can't keep up. Today I finished getting the tomato bed ready, put in some supports and planted out the garlic from the trough in the garden. I don't know how it will cope with this treatment, but I've got another row in with the strawberries and another with the salads, so all is not lost if it doesn't bulb up. Hopefully I'll get the tomatoes planted out on Sunday - they're really beginning to suffer from their lack of rootspace, I think.

My 'Hundreds and Thousands' tomato plants from Suttons arrived yesterday, and I potted them up right away and put them in the greenhouse. These will stay in the garden at home, trailing from my shed roofs! I may have to give a couple away too; I'm not sure there's room for six. At least they seem to have travelled better than my Million Bells that came in the same kind of plastic packaging; two of them died straight away, but the toms seem healthy and strong:

I was pleased this week to see the comfrey finally flowering. I shall have to start putting it to good use by making some liquid feed. And so a question: how do you cut it? Just pick the leaves? Or cut the whole plant at the base and let it start again? Just cut the top off maybe?

I've finally planted the two leftover maincrop potatoes I've had hanging around at home for ages, in the garden in this bin they were chucking out at work (I've drilled holes for drainage of course!).

And I weeded the peas, which are still making a surprisingly valiant effort despite the slug damage. Snails in the home garden got my second sowing too (grrrr) so I'm now preparing to make a third, and I won't be beaten this time dammit!

Lastly, today I began the task of thinning the salad plants, which meant bringing a huge bag of thinnings home... So tonight for dinner we had a huge bowl of salad (mostly little gem, iceberg 'Balmoral', red cos 'Marshall' and a few mustard leaves that the flea beetles hadn't found yet) with a pile of buttery new potatoes (sadly not Nomegrown, but it won't be long now...) and some chicken marinated in tomato puree, garlic, oil and lemon juice and then chargrilled. Lovely!


Matron said...

Lovely photos! isn't it great to be reaping the fruits of our labour after a long Winter?

Anonymous said...

Yum yum, I'll have one of those!!

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