Thursday, 8 May 2008


We ate our first Nome-grown asparagus on the 2nd of this month and another delicious helping yesterday - it's absolutely delightful and well worth the wait! I know it's not very purist of me but my favourite asparagus dish is this tagliatelle with a creamy mustardy sauce - the flavour of mustard complements the asparagus so well.

Saute chopped spring onions in butter, sprinkle over a little white wine (or lemon juice yesterday since we had no wine!) and stir in some double cream. Let it thicken a little, then add a spoonful of wholegrain mustard, season to taste, and stir in the steamed asparagus spears and some chopped chives. Serve with tagliatelle and, if you fancy, some grilled chicken. Mmmmmmmm.

On the plot, I can't believe we're a week into May and there's still so much to do. There are still two beds to dig, but I think the compost bin is pretty much full to capacity...

We're going to have to work harder to empty this one!

This week I must get the herb garden planted and the tomato and courgette beds fully prepared.

And if you read about my peas getting mown down by slugs last week, you'll be glad to know I've got two seed trays full of replacements popping up happily at home : )

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Amy said...

My asparagus has only just been planted but I think I will have to buy some just to try out that recipe :)

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