Thursday, 14 February 2008


This week I have received these lovely seedlings by mail order from Victoriana Nursery.

They are Lemon Balm, Marjoram, Chamomile and Lovage, for the herb garden, and were going so cheap it made much more sense than to buy seed like I usually do. I also got some clover seed (for beneficial ground cover in areas that would otherwise have to remain either bare soil or couch grass) and some good old native bluebell seed (might scatter some down the shady end of the home garden too).

Actually, the herb garden plans are starting to get a little out of hand. The list now is as follows: lemon balm, marjoram, chamomile, lovage, calendula, sage, sorrel, feverfew, rosemary, mint, thyme, chives, garlic chives, creeping thyme (non-culinary), curly parsley, flat-leaved parsley, tansy, yarrow, lemongrass (in a pot, as it'll have to come in for winter), echinacea, horseradish, borage, monarda (bee balm), marigolds, nasturtiums, coriander and basil! Phew! There'll never be room for all those in the patch I was planning and I know they're gonna end up overflowing into other areas... I think I'll concentrate on the perennial ones; the annuals will end up dotted around the plot as companion plants for various veg anyway (basil with the toms, borage with the beans, coriander with the lettuces, etc.)

Most of these herbs are now sprouting on my windowsills and in the greenhouse, along with my broad beans, lettuces and spinach. Most of the flowers are still showing no signs - perhaps it truly was too early for them - but never mind, there's time yet!


Pepette said...

Just discovered your blog so I thought I'd say hello.

Very impressed by your herbs and flower list, hope you find space for everything!

BTW, I really like your layout and the nasturtium side pictures :)

lilymarlene said...

As promised I have at last added your blog to my favourite blogs list on my blog.......
I have enjoyed catching up with yours after being away on holiday.

lilymarlene said...

BTW I was born in Hertfordshire (Brockett Hall) and lived at Colney Heath, London Colney and St Albans.

Nome said...

Lilymarlene - what a coincidence! I think you're so lucky to live on the Isle of Wight - it's one of my favourite places (particularly Sandown Bay - it's just beautiful)!

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