Monday, 4 February 2008

Back to the Plot

Despite the icy winds, we've been back to the plot a few times now to start preparing for the new growing season, and it doesn't look much better than when we first got it last year!

Since we didn't have time to dig any in the autumn or early winter it'll all have to be done now, but at least most of the hardcore weeds like nettles and docks are gone, and the ground is soft due to the fact we haven't really walked on the beds.
This year I'm taking no prisoners - any more persistent weeds will be treated with glyphosphate. I'm here to grow things, not spend all my time pulling other things up! I've already applied some to the brambles which keep appearing right in the middle of the plot - I'm not sure if it's too early for them to be active; it sure looks like they're active to me!

We have weeded the asparagus patch (although a few blades of couch grass are returning already - I might have to take the same line with them!) and I'm hoping I will have woken up any hibernating asparagus beetles or larvae to die in the cold. And we've weeded the pond and cut back the water mint, so that there's plenty of room for the frogs to do their thing in a month or two...

This year the pond area is to become a herb garden, with a couple of minarette fruit trees for shade and plenty of hidey-holes for frogs, beetles and other beasties. We have a pile of rocks beside the pond already for this purpose, and we have added a couple of bits of tree stump (acquired when the church had to cut down one of its trees) which is supposed to be a good habitat for stag beetles, other ground beetles, centipedes and the like.


Simon Kirby said...

Hi. In the fifteen or so years I've had a plot I've only managed to do my Autumn digging twice and it's never really been much of a problem, though it does build up a bit of a weed-seed bank.

I like what you're doing with the pond and log pile - those trunk sections are great.


Anonymous said...

Hiya, cheers for the post. I can see you like pics just as much as me...i've never understood blogs that don't illustrate! I like to se what's going on. You don't look hugely old either if you don't mind me saying, the mrs and i are only 28, and it is fab to see other bloggers and growers our age, fighting against the stereotype. Where is your plot?

Nome said...

Thanks for dropping in! Yep, I'm 28 too and the hubby is 26. Most of our friends think we're crazy... We're in St Albans, Hertfordshire.
Glad you like the pics :)

Anonymous said...

Lol, ours too. I think you are either born to grow veg and have a plot or not!

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