Saturday, 30 April 2011

The Waiting Game

I hate this waiting game... Do I reeeally have to wait until June to plant my tender veg out? Will we reeeally have any more frost before then? We haven't had any all month, and the tomatoes and peppers have been living outside in the semi-shelter of the open plastic greenhouse for weeks now (although I did bring 100 young plants indoors on Wednesday night when it looked like temperatures might drop to 3 or 4).  Every year I've got away with planting things out early to mid-May, although our 11th May frost last year was a bit close for comfort!

The tomato plants are really shooting up now, and have a fair few buds...

And even the courgettes and squashes are threatening to go crazy!

So I've taken the plunge and planted my first couple of tomatoes out - in pots, so I can still drag them indoors overnight if I need to. One 'Sub-Arctic Plenty'...

And one 'Hundreds and Thousands'.

The growbag toms will have to wait a couple more weeks; I'm not dragging growbags indoors!

And I've even sown some French beans (Delinel) in a planter (errr, plastic storage box), which are pushing through very enthusiastically.

Now, roll on mid-May and more warm weather, please. And I'd better catch up on digging the squash patch!

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