Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Posh Courgette Pasta

And so courgette season is upon us. I know we're not exactly in desperate times yet (they'll come, they'll come), but in the never-ending search for great ways to use courgettes, I poshed-up this Jamie Oliver recipe using Boursin with garlic (which was on special offer at Tesco) and adding some mushrooms, to make a really quick and easy supper that Eddie said he'd have been happy to pay for at a restaurant! The rich creaminess and the bacon go so well with the courgettes!

Courgette Boursin Pasta
(serves two)
  • Put pasta on to boil. A flattish shape, such as farfalle, works best.
  • Slice a courgette and four or five mushrooms, and cut four rashers of bacon into roughly 2cm pieces.
  • Fry off the bacon, then add the veggies and fry gently until soft.
  • Add the Boursin (about half a pack or 75g) and lots of freshly ground black pepper. Lower the heat and stir gently until the cheese is completely melted. (Of course, any other soft garlic/herb cheese would work too.)
  • Drain the pasta, stir into the sauce, and serve! Great with crusty bread...

1 comment:

Paul and Melanie said...

Sounds yummy, I'll file that for later in the year when the glut arrives. ;)

Our plants aren't at the flowering stage yet so you're lucky you have started your harvest already. :)

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