Thursday, 22 April 2010

Breakfast (and some more sowing)


I'm quite impressed by the speed it's grown, considering the cold spring! The compost and blood, fish and bone I smothered over the bed back in early March must have done it some good.

As usual, Samson had to get in on the excitement. Poser.

We gave the home garden a good tidy and sweep yesterday, did a bit of all-round seedling maintenance, and sowed a few more seeds. The pumpkins and things are getting to a pretty good size now...

...all except for these ones; the Waltham Butternut Squash.

After weeks of struggling, they've withered and died, despite being apparently specially suited to the British climate, and getting the same treatment as all the other squashes I'm growing. I've sown some more - plenty of extra seeds this time too - and will keep my fingers crossed.

I'm having a similar problem with the 'King of the North' peppers - not a single one has germinated, even though the Jalapeno peppers and tomatoes right next to them are doing well! Again, I've sown some more and will hope for the best.

My new herb seeds arrived yesterday, and I promptly sowed a trayful of purslane and a trayful of chervil. I will try to find somewhere on the plot to transplant them when they get started. The wild garlic and sweet cicely must be autumn-sown - doh!

The new broad beans I sowed to replace the ones at the plot are coming up good and fast, and hopefully will be ready to plant out in a week or two.

And one super-enthusiastic french bean (Delinel - my favourite!) has popped up in this trough in the garden (where they will stay), which reminded me to get round to sowing some runner beans for the plot as well.

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Jo said...

Your breakfast looks delicious, and what a handsome cat Samson is. I haven't grown squash before, but I've got a few varieties to try this year, which I will be sowing this weekend. I have sown my dwarf French beans, but I've got some climbers yet to sow.

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