Monday, 29 March 2010


Just been doing a bit of blog maintenance; updating broken links and whatnot.

I have posted my allotment plan for this year, and my crop rotation record, which you can see if you click the pics below, or in my notes in the link on the sidebar.

I also hoped to slim down the picture diary kinda thing on my sidebar, since most of what's there is really old now. But when I started editing things (adding the year to the ones I want to keep) the pictures shrunk, and I can't get them back to their proper size! Any blogger-users got any ideas?

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Amy said...

Wow I love your planting plan, it looks very organised.

Looking at your photos I can see that the 2 which are appearing smaller have a smaller height than the others so the image is scaled to a smaller size, you can see this by viewing page source and looking for your image titles. Not sure exactly how you can fix it, first check the HTML view under Layout and see if you can find this widget, you might be able to change the heights to all be the same. Otherwise check the original size of the images against the others (it could be scaling to a percentage of the image size).

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