Friday, 5 February 2010


Yes, I'm still here!

I'm planning to get back on top of this in 2010, but I thought I'd better recap last year first so you know where I'm at.

2008 ended pretty badly, with our whole potato crop ruined by wireworm, tomatoes ravaged by blight, neglected beans drying on the plants, pumpkins mysteriously exploding (yes, exploding) and most everything else drowned in weeds. We did get some stupendously big parsnips, but they were too big - the middles were all woody!

2009 was more of the same - not enough time to do everything, broad bean plants turned to blackened stumps for reasons unknown, crops going to waste on the plants, weeds just everywhere...

And we decided we'd give up. We'd given it a good shot but we obviously didn't have the time to do the plot justice, and there are plenty more people out there on the waiting list who deserve a shot at it probably better than we do.

So off we went in September to harvest what was left; a few pumpkins, potatoes, onions and parsnips. And we were amazed. There was so MUCH. Four of the most beautiful pumpkins, a huge bag of parsnips, dozens of squashes from a plant I'd given up on months back but had seemingly revived itself. A big bag of healthy potatoes, despite last year's wireworm problem and losing half the plants to a very rushed and careless earthing-up job. So many lovely onions! And we thought, well, we grew all this with hardly any effort at all. Maybe we're just doing it wrong.


So we're going to simplify. Fewer crops, given more space each. Add some more permanent things to the allotment (raspberries, raised salad beds) so we no longer have the daunting task of digging over the WHOLE lot. Fussy plants requiring more work will grow in our home garden, in pots or growbags, or not at all.

And maybe, just maybe, this year we'll get this thing under control...


Green Lane Allotments said...

Glad you've decided to stick at it. Fruit is fairly low maintenance and wonderful when harvesting especially when you see what the the tiny packs in the supermarket cost

dee said...

Hi glad your back. I've morphed from little gems to dee haigh since you've been away,looking forward to your lottie updates

Dee xx

The Allotment Blogger said...

Glad you're trying again - we're aiming to simplify things a little this year too. We definitely had more crops than we could cope with in high summer and not enough in winter. We live and learn ... if we're lucky!

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