Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Blogging Buddies

If you know me then you'll know I like to keep myself to myself - I'm not usually the sort to go round introducing myself or leaving comments on other people's websites. But this blog is nearly a year old now and it's high time it had more than three readers (even three may be a little optimistic I think!). So I've been on a mission this week to get myself noticed a bit more, by e-introducing myself to some other veg-growing bloggers, and begging and scrounging for mutual links left right and centre.
So if you're reading this, please also take a look at some of my new-found blogging friends, especially Gnome (who said some very nice things about my pictures here), Pumpkin Soup (a lovely neat, organised and efficient blog the likes of which I can only aspire to) and Hedgewizard (what a hilarious and engaging writer - be sure to read the unfortunate story of his pond, Jan 24th!). The links are all over there on the right, and the list will continue to grow I hope!

My 'blogging' new year resolution is to post little and often, so they will be more focussed and not so daunting to sit down and write! Hopefully it'll make labelling easier too; no point tagging every post with "digging, weeds, slugs, potatoes, beans, rain, compost, lettuce, courgettes, sweetcorn, asparagus..." - you get the idea!

So that's your lot for today. Except for this picture of a rather strange sunflower which I never got round to posting last year. Siamese sunflowers, anyone? This plant (which was supposed to be a "tall single") produced several 'conjoined' heads like this!


Gordon Mason said...

Hi Nome (this'll get confusing as I normally reply to Gnome!)

Thanks for the link; It'll take me a while to reciprocate but I will. Very much like your blog; the photos are excellent.



lilymarlene said...

Hello Nome. I have enjoyed scanning through your blog and have just subscribed to it (RSS Feed) so will get updates.
I will get round to doing an edit on my sidebars later (off on holiday Sunday and no time for hair-tearing computer activities between now and then.....remind me at end of Feb if I have forgotten to get back to it!)
I particularly like your heading background photo!

welsh girls allotment said...

Hiya it has taken me a while to visit but I am here now ! I will link you when I update my links they are due an overhaul so when I pull my finger out you'll be there !!

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