Friday, 30 March 2007

Rainy days

It was cold and rainy today but it gave me an opportunity I'd been looking forward to - to prove to myself that I could still be bothered even when the sun wasn't shining! Jess joined me for some exercise too, and though we didn't get a great deal cleared it was still worthwhile - a bit easier even with the soil damp.
Of course, the wildlife didn't mind the wet weather, and I looked up at one point to see several robins watching us from the plot next door and playing in the newly dug dirt.

I have been enquiring about the mysterious trees at the bottom of our plot and it seems the lady who used to rent it (now our neighbour) planted them last year. If she wants them she'll have to come and dig them up before we reach the end of the plot! Or I suppose I could put them in pots and leave them somewhere for her.
We took some soil samples as well today, and home pH tests revealed a miraculously healthy 6.5-7 (6.5 is just about right for any vegetable, and higher than that will help protect brassicas against the dreaded clubroot). This is a real weight off my mind considering you have to wait a month or two between adding lime to the soil and planting anything!
So all is well and we've made a good start on the third strip, which can be planted with carrots, onions and the like as soon as we've finished. Not bad for a rainy day!

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